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Medallion Trading is an independent limited company that acts as an intermediary in the physical energy and agricultural markets, forging connections, facilitating transactions, and leveraging our extensive network with suppliers and buyers in the global marketplace.

We are a Joint Venture with the Barradas family which is headed by Mr. Antonio Correia Barradas who is a veteran entrepreneur of over 40 years in the Mining & Exploration industry in the Americas and Africa and one of the principal owners of Grasta Petroleo; an Argentine Refinery founded in 2004: http://www.grastapetroleo.com/

Grasta Trading Company

Grasta Group

We are united in the aspiration of our founder and the younger generation of the Barradas family to create an international and independent mid-tier energy and agricultural commodity trading house.

Our activities along with those of our partners and competitors balance the supply and demand for energy and agricultural products and bridge the gap between producers, refiners and end-users and in the process contributing to the smooth functioning of the world economy.

To learn more about our range of physical energy and agricultural products, please proceed to each product section, or Contact Us.


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Adaptable in that we keep an open mind to new opportunities and challenges....

Efficient in screening the numerous opportunities that come our way for what suits our Strategy...

Responsible in delivering sustainable returns to our shareholders, building partnerships...

Risk Management in maintaining a rigorous risk management framework and striving...


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