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Midas Trading / Medallion Holdings can supply pressure sensitive, roll-fed, shrink sleeve and cut & stack labels within a wide range of 100+ paper and/ or film labels and coated liners at very competitive terms.

The same can be supplied unconverted in master rolls or converted with our valued partners in the USA, Canada, UK and EU according to the end-users’ designs and specifications.

Our labels are placed on most consumer products for logos/ branding, ingredients, prices, tags, descriptions, disclaimers, designs, local labeling regulation, warnings or for aesthetic reasons.

The buyer profile is typically:

  1. 1. Wholesale traders
  2. 2. Convertors/ Label Printing companies
  3. 3. Below the line (BTL) marketing firms
  4. 4. Consumer Products Manufacturers:
    1. i. Food and Dairy
    2. ii. Beverage
    3. iii. Spirits and Wines
    4. iv. Home Care/ Laundry
    5. v. Healthcare
    6. vi. Pharmaceuticals
    7. vii. Beauty Products
    8. viii. Specialty Chemicals
    9. ix. Tobacco

More details and product specifications are available upon request. Kindly refer to the Contact Us section.